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‘The Argument’

I’m not sure when I wrote this poem, but I feel that the moment captured above is when it found its true form.

It came about when the poetry module I was taking at Falmouth University challenged us to publish our work in the street. I was given a bed sheet and a marker pen to work with and so sketched this poem onto the sheet and later, not knowing what to do with it, gave it a friend as a birthday card hoping that he would appreciate its size and not be too disturbed by its inappropriate (for a birthday) text.

Well, he loved it and it was promptly whisked off and hung out of the living room window so that it dangled over the main thoroughfare in the town centre on a Friday night where it caused no end of confusion to the late night revelers.

12th May – In Your Own Words: Writing Workshop

Nick Jarvis and Mac Dunlop looking pensive

A one-day writing course with


In this practical one day workshop, the Falmouth poet  Nick Jarvis – whose work has been showcased at Port Eliot, Telltales and The Night is Red here at the Poly – will lead this workshop alongside Mac Dunlop – the Caravanserai Project Writer and performer.  Together they will guide participants through some innovative approaches to inspiration and narrative.

Expect fun, thought provoking, writing warm ups, followed by a seminar session focusing on teasing stories out of the everyday.

We will take a look at how rules, structure and form can literally become sources of inspiration – not to mention how they can help to beat that infamous ‘writer’s block’.

The day will conclude with an optional ‘Recording Your Own Words’ session – an introduction to spoken word reading, performing and listening skills that can add to developing your written work. (And don’t worry, if you don’t want to read out your own work, that’s absolutely fine!)

To book a place go to The Poly Website, phone 01326 319461, or drop in to the box office (Mon-Sat, 10-4).

For more info, please leave a comment below or send an email to nick_jarvis2@yahoo.co.uk