Transsexuality and the Difficulties of Intelligible Subjectivity

Through an analysis of Jamison Green‘s autobiography, Becoming a Visible Man (2004), and Scott Turner Schofield‘s autobiographical play,Becoming a Man in 127 Easy Steps‘ (2008), this essay identifies the integral role of narrative in the formation of identities, especially in the identities of people with transsexual experience, and investigates the nature and effects this particularly close relationship with narrative has on transsexual subjectivity, what it enables and what it forecloses or limits, and the processes that are taking place to create these effects. The first chapter, ‘Modes of Discourse’, looks at how narrative utilizes and reflects the discourses it emerges from, while the second chapter, ‘Mediating the Body’, turns to look at the way narrative is employed to talk about, conceptualise, enable, and limit the way we think about the body.
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(This essay was submitted as a dissertation for a BA (Hons) Degree in English with Creative Writing at Falmouth University in 2010. Awarded 82%)

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