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Poetry Advent Calendar: Day 17 – ‘Let Winter Come’ by Nick Jarvis

It was my birthday a couple of weeks back and I got some new notebooks and pens as presents, and I must say, my belief in the power of the right tools for the job has been fully restored as from the moment of opening it I started 4 new poems. One of which I finished quickly and, within a week, had accepted for publication on the Poetry Advent Calendar. If only it always went this smoothly!

‘Let Winter Come’ probably represents the furthest point on the other end of the spectrum of the type of poetry I write, to the poem I wrote before it, the lewd and comical ’12 (Urban Dictionary) Days of Christmas’. If I ever put out a collection of winter poems, it looks set to be a rather varied publication!

Read ‘Let Winter Come’ on The Poetry Advent Calendar here.