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Days 5-8: Small Press Advent Calendar: BURNING EYE, DEAD INK, PIGHOG, NEUTRAL NORWAY

[Apologies for the lack of calendar in the last few days, I’ve been too ill to do anything, so here you get days 4 to 8 all in one shiny deluxe package.]

Talking of Deluxe Packages, let’s start there:

Day 5

day5‘Shapes & Disfigurements Of Raymond Antrobus’ by Raymond Antrobus, Published by Burning Eye Books

Burning Eye Books have heard that Performance Poetry does not transfer to the page. They think this is untrue and intend to prove it, even going so far as to add:

 “We have a mantra here that says we want to become the Bloodaxe of Performance Poetry. Let this be our character note.”

Well, high and honorable aims indeed.  Worth supporting I reckon. So please, check out:

‘Shapes & Disfigurements Of Raymond Antrobus’ by Raymond Antrobus

It’s the third book in the Burning eye pamphlet series, and reviewer Kwame Dawes gives us a little bit of an insight into the poems and the poet:

RaymondCover“…all you need / are the right words,” writes Raymond Antrobus, but as this all-too-brief collection, demonstrates, the best poets need also compassion, insight, craft, taste, and a pitch-perfect ear to the cadence and tones of the human voice and mind. Antrobus has these gifts in buckets. His monologues are stunning studies of voice and substance, and his lyric poems are graceful and finely crafted. Yes, he is a poet to watch, for sure.” – Kwame Dawes

“A pitch-perfect ear to the cadence and tones of the human voice and mind.” – I love that. What a beautiful description of what a poet does. If you go over to the website, you can read an extract of the poems there.

You can buy ‘Shapes & Disfigurements Of Raymond Antrobus’ by Raymond Antrobus from Burning Eye for £5.99 (Free P&P)!

Oh, and the Deluxe Packages I was on about? Burning Eye have put together some SPECIAL OFFER bundles that save you money and get you lots of poetry, they range from £10 – £20. Order before Monday 17th Dec. Check em out here.

Day 6

day 6This is a publisher for you Kindle-loving folk out there who might appreciate their 99p e-books! But have no fear if that’s not up your street, the next publication is actually available to read as a free pdf with purchasable audio files if you so wish.

‘Body Politic’ by Charlotte Wetton, Published by Dead Ink

Dead Ink are “a digital-only, connected reading community and E-Publisher supported by Arts Council England, who bring literary writing to an anti-literary audience. They publish fiction, poetry and writing through apps, E-Books and their website.” It also seems that they publish audio CDs because, here we have:

‘Body Politic’ by Charlotte Wetton:

body politic“Grotesque and surreal, these are poems that enchant the dichotomies of sex and gender, of virgins and whores, of careful lovers and dependent housewives. Wetton’s is a poetry that understands the gendered economy, the nuances of feminism and femininity.”

You can read more about it and download the poems from Dead Ink, and buy the CD here for £5.49.

Also, check out their ebooks, on sale for £0.99 in December – Bargain!

Day 7

day 7Next up is a fantastic Christmas present idea, particularly for somebody just getting into poetry and looking to widen their reading:

‘Ice’ by Various, Published by Pighog Press

Founded in 2002, Pighog Press are an award-winning Brighton based publisher committed to both traditional and new media publication and known for discovering exciting new talent and for their unique and distinctive publications (such as publishing a book on Twitter last year). They have this to say:

“We believe that language is energy and that literary works harness that energy to create feeling, insight and imaginative experience to change minds and lives.”
“Our approach is eclectic. We do not back any particular literary ideology but prefer to offer our readers a stimulating choice of well-made work. Our artistic eclecticism is complemented by our dedication to regional voices. Our Sussex Series has brought attention to a group of writers who have been termed the ‘Beach Generation’. We are now developing a series devoted to poets from Munster in Ireland.”

ice‘Ice’ by Various is a beautifully designed anthology that includes works of poetry by poets of the past and present about winter, snow, ice and everything frosty. Classics by William Blake, Emily Dickinson, John Keats and Charlotte Brontë snuggle up with works by contemporary poets like David Crystal, John McCulloughJohn Davies and Jeremy Page.

Perfect for a Christmas Gift, in other words.

You can buy it from Pighog for just £9.99 (Free P&P until Jan 1st!)

Day 8

day 8And finally, let’s keep it icy and give these guys a mention who I know from the fantastic, rowdy, sweaty, sexy poetry parties they threw when they were students down in Falmouth:

‘The Fate of Neutral Norway’ by Various, Published by Neutral Norway

prose before hoesNeutral Norway are a poetry and writing collective  founded in Falmouth, Cornwall. Have a look around their website to get to know their regular contributors (Aimee Ballinger, Deva O’Neill, Alfie Prendergast, Michael Milner, Percy Currie and Hannah Levene – although don’t expect them always to go by those names – alter-egos abound!) and their peculiar style.

the fate of neutral norway‘The Fate of Neutral Norway’ by Various features poetry from all members of the Neutral Norway Collective, and artwork by Poetry from the Neutral Norway collective with artwork by Jonathan Hyde, Joseph Prendergast,
Charlie Mann, Percy Currie and Jake Kenny.

You can buy it for just £6.00 from their shop.


[Don’t forget to check out The Poetry Advent Calendar, for daily seasonal poetry]

29th November – Falmouth – Telltales Parabola II Launch Night

For the last few months, the Telltales team have been working hard on putting together their second publication, ‘Parabola II: Quickening‘. Using a Wefund Campaign, they have managed to raise a whopping £2120 to go towards the budget raised from Parabola I, which will now enable them to include 11 extra writers in the anthology (making it 20 in total), print more copies, get stockists onboard from further a field, and to generally raise Parabola’s profile that crucial bit more.

I feel that projects like this are extremely valuable as they contribute to the buzz that surrounds any writing scene, and my hopes are that this publication, featuring nationally recognised writers such as Molly Naylor along side local talent, will really start to turn some heads in Falmouth’s direction and increase our status as a place that has a rich, varied, excellent and abundant collection of wordsmiths.

Neutral Norway Audience at 5 Degrees BelowThe other thing that I love about the writing scene in Falmouth at the moment is the audience, gathering at events such as Telltales, the fantastic Neutral Norway and, judging by the interest on their Facebook page, the newly launched Jam. At any of these events there are writers sitting in the audience getting excited about other writers, sometimes musicians waiting in the wings to take to the stage when the writers break for drinks, and even people in the audience who aren’t poets or writers or musicians but actually come along because they like hearing words live and alive. I know, who would’ve thought!

So, on the 29th November 2011 at 7.30pm, come down to The Rum Bar above Nancy’s in Falmouth to witness another milestone in this small town’s growing world of words. There will be readings/performances from some of the writers featured in Parabola II alongside other local talent, confirmed names so far are Chelsey Flood, Chris Brown, and myself.