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Day 11: Small Press Advent Calendar: PENNED IN THE MARGINS

day 11Am I allowed to have favourites? If so, then this next publisher is definitely one (and not just because they have a CHRISTMAS SALE on), which made it hard to chose just one book. I’m going to go with poet, Hannah Silva’s suggestion, though, as  it’s a great introduction to what I love about their whole list. Day 11 is…

‘Adventures in Form’ by Various, Published by Penned in the Margins

Penned in the Margins is a literary arts producer and independent publisher. Based in London’s East End, they specialise in contemporary poetry and spoken word, but operate across all art forms.

penned in the margins booksSince 2004 they have curated, produced and commissioned a diverse range of events, projects and productions: from sell-out music/poetry nights, to a series of bespoke literary salons, and a number of UK touring shows – working with over one hundred and fifty writers, musicians and artists.

They publish poetry collections, anthologies, and a series of limited edition mini-books, and come highly recommend from a number of very notable sources [read all about them here].

‘Adventures in Form: A Compendium of Poetic Forms, Rules, and Constraints’ by Various, has received a Poetry Book Society Special Commendation and been picked by The Independent as one its Best Christmas Gifts for the Bookish, so if you’re still unsure about this buying poetry lark, then maybe they can convince you!

And for the already converted, Hannah Silva (check out her blog ‘Opposition‘ – she does some very interesting, innovative stuff) explains that the book is great if you’re a writer looking for inspiration, as it’s full of playful approaches to words and form. Penned in the Margins write:

adventuresinform_cover“Welcome to a strange new world in which a poem can be written using only one vowel, processed through computer code, collaged from film trailers, compiled from Facebook status updates, hidden inside a Sudoku puzzle, and even painted on sheep to demonstrate Quantum Theory.

Discover a multitude of new and unusual poetic forms – from tweet to time-splice, and from skinny villanelle to breakbeat sonnet – in this inspiring and inventive anthology.

Adventures in Form features over ninety poems by forty-six contributors”

Read a list & short bio of all those contributors, and several short reviews on the Penned in the Margins website.

Buy ‘Adventures in Form’ now, available for the DISCOUNTED PRICE of £7.99 until 21/12/12!!

And be sure to have a look at the rest of their catalogue, they have some sparkling gems in there.

[Behind door 11 on the Poetry Advent Calendar is ‘Christmas Fire, Christmas Fare’ by Sarah L. Dixon]