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Day 4: Small Press Advent Calendar: OVERSTEPS BOOKS

day 4I had hoped that this Advent Calender would be something of a journey of discovery, and sure enough, Day 4 features a publisher based in Devon who I’d not heard of, despite having lived on the same peninsula as them for 6 years! Day 4 is:

‘A Place where Odd Animals Stand’ by Simon Williams, Published by Oversteps Books

Oversteps Books, founded in 1992, prides itself on publishing some of the best in contemporary poetry, covering a wide range of established and new poets. They provide a voice for many poets who live in, or have strong connections with, the South West, but also publish collections by poets from elsewhere. Their writers give regular poetry readings at festivals and other events.

‘A Place Where Odd Animals Stand’ by Simon Williams is described as a “wise and witty” collection. And the author adds that:

a-place-where-odd-animals-stand-full“It represents the best of my poems written in the last five years and includes a section on autobiographical events, as well as a miscellany of ‘general purpose’ poems. As the title suggests, many of these are about odd aspects of the world and there are plenty with a light kick in their heels.”

You can read a couple of poems from the book on the Oversteps Books Website.

And you can buy it now for £9 by clicking here.

[Day 4 on the Poetry Advent Calendar is ‘The Little that Tells a Story’ by Jackie Hagan]

Day 3: Small Press Advent Calendar: NASTY LITTLE PRESS

day 3So much of poetry is in the rhythm of the words and music of the rhymes and so it seemed only fitting to turn next to a publisher who has just released their first Spoken Word Album. Day 3 is:

‘We’re All in this Together’ by Luke Wright, Published by Nasty Little Press

Nasty Little Press publish entertaining poetry from the UK’s best loved live poets and have shown themselves to be very versatile when it comes to format. They’ve published pamphlets, longer collections, an illustrated text, this poetry album, and also have a series of Arts Council funded ‘Intros’ which are limited editions designed to help new voices gain a footing in the poetry world.

We’re All in this Together by Luke Wright is a spoken word album featuring fifteen poems plus a hidden bonus track. It’s described as “bawdy, funny and also, at times, rather touching and sad, displaying Wright’s ability to take a stereotyped character and find the humanity in them.

Luke_Wright_Opener The Drunk Train promises this album will “peer behind Britannia’s grin and shake her towns like money tins” and the following poems do exactly that, taking in fat bullies, posh school boys obsessed with “drawing willies on their toys,” baby-boomers hell-bent on spending their kids’ inheritance and a B Movie set in Brentwood.”

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Luke Wright live, and I must say that his work is even better than this description implies; it’s rude, intelligent and compelling.

You can buy the album direct from Nasty Little Press for £8 or download it from itunes.

[And here’s your link to the Poetry Advent Calendar, Day 3: ‘The Fox’ by Rachel Burns.]