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Day 14: Small Press Advent Calendar: BLACKHEATH BOOKS

day 14Next up, we once again have a press who embrace the handmade, papery, personal touch of the pamphlet. Behind door 14, is…

‘Dark Corners of the Land’ by Adelle Stripe, Published by Blackheath Books

‘blackheath books’ provide a home for literary outsiders, for those “mavericks who swim against the flow of incessant mainstream specialness.” They deliberately keep things small, with very limited print runs of  signed and numbered editions. All their books are hand printed using vintage equipment and techniques on 100% recycled paper and card that contains a high percentage of post consumer waste.

‘blackheath books’ are a ‘not for profit’ organisation and receive no external funding.

‘Dark Corners of the Land’ by Adelle Stripe is a collection of confessional poems exploring rural life, strange deaths, hunting, farming and hedonism set against the backdrop of a small Yorkshire town.

Dark+CornersAdelle Stripe draws influence from Robinson Jeffers, D.H. Lawrence and Ted Hughes. Her poems respond to subjects from myxomatosis and bull castration, to the Battle of Towton, underage drinking and acid house. It’s…

“Brave new writing, touched with tenderness and raw emotional depth”
– The Guardian

The handmade chapbook features a stenciled barbed wire spray-painted cover, and the first 50 copies come with a vintage Brooke Bond Tea Card ‘Wild Birds of Britain’ edition by C.F. Tunnicliffe, and contain within their pages an exclusive print by London artist Lisa Cradduck.

Read more about ‘Dark Corners of the Land’ by Adelle Stripe by clicking here.

Buy the book here for £5.00 (inc. p&P).

[Day 14 of the Poetry Advent Calendar is ‘Tapering’ by Rachel Newlon]