Day 2: Small Press Advent Calendar: BLOODAXE BOOKS

day 2From one end of the scale to the other, we jump in on Advent Calendar Day 2 with a publisher with some big names in their catalogue, it’s:

‘Unsent’ by Penelope shuttle, published by Bloodaxe Books

Bloodaxe Books is one of Britain’s leading poetry publishers. Founded in 1978 by Neil Astley, he has this to say about the company now:

“I see Bloodaxe as not only a publisher of poetry books but a publisher of poetry via all kinds of media, including live performance, audio, video, internet, radio and television – and now e-books too. Editing, designing, printing and marketing the books is the central strand in our activity, but we then work with many people and organisations – especially radio producers, literary editors on newspapers, festivals and events organisers – to get the poetry out there, to get the poets heard as much as possible as well as read on the page.” – Poetry Book Society

‘Unsent: New & Selected Poems 1980 – 2012′ by Penelope Shuttle is described by our reader who recommended it as:

unsent “A brilliant collection of poems spanning such a wonderful variety of her work from several previously published poetry collections as well as some new poetry. She so eloquently speaks from the heart but she also manages to keep her poetry grounded in life’s experiences. One of the most brilliant poems in this collection is ‘Before Dawn’ which portrays reflections during sleepless nights and how those feelings change as time moves on.”

You can buy it here for £8.28.

As a bit more of a taster, here’s Penelope Shuttle herself reading from the collection…

[And here’s your link to the Poetry Advent Calendar,  Day 2: ‘The Private Taste of Ten November Seconds’ by Camille Ralphs.]

[P.s. sorry this update is late, I have been struck down by a rather unpleasant winter-associated illness I’d prefer not to discuss!]


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